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Yeah!! That’s me 😉

I started my career by completing my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and had I continued down that path I should have ideally become a Computer Programmer, but instead I became a Social Media Consultant and Influencer Marketer. Here’s my idea of how it all went wrong, or rather right.

It all started in the year 2010, when I enrolled in Computer Engineering with great enthusiasm and as all engineers will tell you, passing through Engineering with flying colors is very very difficult unless you study 24/7. I was never that type of student anyway. There is one specific instance I remember when I was giving my Final Attempt for the B.E.E.E subject and was confident that I would have passed but later we found out that the paper was leaked, and the exam would be re-conducted for the same subject.

The rescheduled exam paper was tougher than the earlier one which resulted in lot of dropouts in the college and unfortunately I was one of them. But I didn’t give up, I rejoined after a year and successfully managed to pass and graduate with a degree under my belt.

After graduating with a B.E. , I was a little lost and so I started playing to my strengths. I knew I was good at website and graphic design and I enjoyed it as well. So, that’s exactly what I started doing. I became a dedicated website and graphic design freelancer, but I felt like there was an element missing. Although I created and designed websites, I didn’t feel like my purpose was being fulfilled. At that time, SEO and Digital Marketing were growing and everyone was talking about it being the latest trend. So, I started learning about digital marketing, starting from SEO to Social Media Marketing.

After struggling for 10 months, I failed to get any feasible projects that covered my monthly expenses. This is when I realized that experience also played an important role and decided to get a job that can help me further excel my learning in the Digital Marketing field.

My first job was an e-learning startup (Eduonix) where I worked as an Digital Marketing Intern, and here I got to put everything I had learned in theory to good use. I mastered mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and took on more challenging tasks with great success. Once, I had learnt everything I could, I decided to move on to bigger roles.

I was offered a permanent role at Knack Systems as a Digital Marketing Executive, where the job responsibilities included Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing for both US & India Market.

Since my strengths were mainly in Social Media Marketing, I decided I needed to learn more about other parts as well. I started pouring over blogs, books, podcasts and anything else I could find on different styles and activities in Marketing. I even took Courses + Certifications which I thought could add to my growing résumé. It all paid off when I was awarded as Star Performer for the year (2018-2019) by Knack Systems.

After successfully working for more than 4 years in the digital marketing industry, I was able to manage projects in different sectors such as Agriculture, Gaming, IT, e-Learning and Blogging Industries.

While working in the above mentioned industries, initially I faced challenges but my passion for Digital Marketing always kept me pushing for delivering better results. Through this entire journey, one thing that I realized is that digital marketing is the industry I was destined to work in.

In addition to experience and knowledge, I’ve also managed to accumulate a number of certifications and accolades.  It includes digital marketing certifications from reputed brands like Google, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Hootsuite and eMarketing Institute.

Now, I’m back trying to establish my dream of becoming a digital marketer and a social media influencer!