About Me

Welcome to the world of Swapnil Surve, your Mumbai-based expert in transforming small businesses and personal brands through creative content writing, graphic design, and strategic social media marketing. Let’s elevate your digital presence and make your brand truly unforgettable.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India, I draw inspiration from the energy and diversity around me. Allow me to take you on a journey through my world of digital marketing and graphic design.

My Journey

In 2015, I graduated from Mumbai University with a degree in computer engineering, ready to chase my dreams. I began my freelancing career in logo design and social media marketing. Later my adventure continued in the corporate world, where I served as a digital marketing executive at Eduonix and Knack Systems and as a social media marketing specialist at NEWJ. Most recently, I worked as a senior marketing analyst at Blueprint Technologies until June 2024.

Throughout these years, I’ve tackled projects across agriculture, gaming, media, IT, and e-learning. My journey is a tapestry of certifications from industry giants like Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Twitter, Semrush, and the eMarketing Institute, showcasing my commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic digital age.

Beyond the Screen

My world isn’t confined to pixels and algorithms. Beyond graphic design and social media marketing, I’m passionate about cosplay and am currently exploring photography and AI-generated art. This creative universe fuels my inspiration and offers endless possibilities.

How I Can Help You

How do my experiences weave into your story as a personal brand or a business owner? I believe in the beauty of simplicity in design and marketing. It’s about crafting solutions that elevate lives. This belief is the cornerstone of my business.

I collaborate with individuals who value their uniqueness and strive to make an impact. My mission is to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to express their passion and authenticity.

Whether you’re starting or looking to enhance your digital footprint, I’m here to guide you. Let’s craft something remarkable and inspire others along the way. Because, in the end, it’s all about turning dreams into tangible realities.

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